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Effective home lifting and Leveling solutions

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Comprehensive Lifting and leveling services

Western Construction Systems can help protect your home from further damage due to a sinking and sagging foundation. We will work with you to get your home back to as close to level as possible to avoid bigger issues down the road.

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What causes my house to Settle and what are the signs?

Western Construction Systems understands that every property settles differently and settling is normal. However, different conditions in the soil may cause areas of your home to settle faster that others causing uneven floors and cracking.

Water Intrusion: caused by rainfall, drainage issues and plumbing leaks will cause excess water in the soil.

Different soil types: such as clay, soils that expand and shrink with moisture and loose soil that moves a lot underneath the home.

Trees: may be planted too close to the home or their roots have expanded and have grown under your foundation lifting it.

Bad Construction and/or Settling under floor supports: Improperly installed footings, supports and beams may cause sinking issues.

If your home is experiencing any of the conditions above, your home will start to give you signs that your house is settling unevenly, such as:

  • Creaking
  • Sagging
  • Sponging When Walking
  • Noticeable Drywall Cracking
  • Sticking Doors
  • Items Rolling Off Counters

Lifting and Leveling Solutions

Western Construction Systems offers a Lifting and Leveling Solutions and we will work with you find the right repair for your home.

  • Post and Beam Systems
  • Hydraulic Lifting and Leveling
  • Engineered footings/Underpinning

What our customers are saying


Amazing experience with this company!

"I contacted several foundation repair companies and I'm so happy that I found Tyler and WCS. The company replied to my questions quickly, the team that came over was professional and courteous, the repair on my foundation fixing the level was top notch work. I highly recommend this company!"

- Zeth O


Western Construction Systems came out and did exceptional work at my house!

"They went above and beyond my expectations! They were friendly, professional, and hard-working! They took care of all the issues that I had concerns with and then some! Their prices were fair, especially for the high quality of work that they did! I know I pestered them with questions, but they were patient every single time. Before I contacted them to have the work done, I had high anxiety about the drainage issues. When they were finished, I felt confident that there were no more issues. Peace of mind is priceless!"

- Robyn S


Tyler, Juan and their crew did an amazing job at our home.

"They installed their gutter system and were finished in just a few days knowing that we didn't have our hot water heater connected. They are great with communicating and assessing a situation to figure out what needs to be done. Highly recommended!"

- Devon C

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Don't let water damage compromise the safety and integrity of your property in Portland, OR. Trust Western Construction Systems for expert drainage solutions tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today for a quote and take the first step towards keeping your property dry and secure.

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